Outlook Login

To login Outlook only have to enter their official website and enter your data.


In this small box you see in the picture, we will enter our email first, and then our password. If we look, there is an option “Keep me signed in” we can do, but if we’re just using our own PC, if you’re in a cyber or computer to another, you should not check this option.

Finally we just have to give and click “Sign in” automatically take us to our inbox from our account.

outlook login

Login Outlook.

After creating a new account at Outlook.com, whenever you need loguearnos check our emails and to do this we will use e-mail and password. This procedure is called “Outlook Login” Enter this free email platform here is very easy and teach you step by step how to do it, but I will first talk a little about some details of Outlook. Here are some questions that the thousands of users starting at this email service becomes a problem and it is never too keep up with this information.

Is Outlook.com a change of name or platform?

Actually both. When Microsoft announced the change from Hotmail to Outlook, makes it clear that both the name change of the platform. You now have a completely different new interface, easier to navigate, load much faster and cleaner. All these changes were to improve the interaction of the email service with the user. So you know, changing the platform and the name, the Hotmail to Outlook, a bit strenuous, with something simpler.

My Hotmail account disappear?

Although it creates some confusion this new change, clarify to all the people who used to use an account with Hotmail.com endings do not disappear. You will have the option to upgrade to Outlook.com but if you want, you can keep using the old account.

Will I lose my data when upgrading to Outlook.com?

Definitely not. The change only affects the domain name and service platform email. All existing data for each user to remain as they are, the messages, contacts, folders, erasers, etc..

Is it better Outlook.com or hotmail?

Of course that Outlook. If Microsoft decided to make this big change, was to improve and not to take a step back. Outlook.com has more features and new features that Hotmail and improve comfortable feeling for each user, so do not worry about it and start enjoying the service now.

And it’s so easy to login outlook.com. If you like this article, share it with your friends and leave me a comment, I am interest what think about this tutorial and all the information you just told you provide. See you until next. If you want to know how to create an account outlook, click here to more information.

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