Security in outlook mail has several security features which enable its users to send and receive highly secured messages through emails over the internet. In order to accomplish this high level of security in outlook mail, while transferring data through messages over the internet outlook incorporates a support system for the secure multipurpose internet messaging extension protocol (S/MIME). Using this standard protocol enables individual users of to send and receive signed and sealed highly encrypted internet e-mails. Outlook allows its users to sign their messages with a digital ID, which is also called a certificate.

security outlook mailThis certificate is intended for the sole purpose that the recipient can verify that the message actually came from the said sender and has not been tampered with. Users of are allowed with the privilege to seal their messages i.e. encrypt the messages using special mathematical formulas so that only the intended recipient can actually view the message and attachments.

In order to send a secure message all the user needs is a digital id which provides a means to verify the user’s identity on the internet. This digital ID can be obtained from any certificate authority and even with your network administrator. A digital ID is basically made up of two components, a private key and a public key. The replaceable private key is generally securely stored on the user’s computer and can be exported or Read More…

Can we go back to the old hotmail?

‘Old is gold’- it’s a saying we have all heard. But when it comes to software, the more accurate saying would be –‘old is gold but new is platinum’. Up gradation gives us access to the latest software’s. In a similar recent upgrading process, the Hotmail clients were upgraded to So now when you access your outlook login, using your Hotmail or Gmail ID to an e-mail client, you would be redirected to and not Hotmail. Hotmail was started on July 4th, 1996. Founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, it was a product of the Silicon Valley. It was the first service to offer web-based email.

back to the old hotmail vs outlook

To emphasize the HTML interface, Hotmail was initially spelled as ‘Hotmail’, the uppercase letter stressing on HTML. It was a technology everyone needed and everyone wanted. Hence the popularity of Hotmail soared and it became the new trend. The result was that Hotmail had acquired millions of users within a span of a few years. Hotmail was acquired by the giant Microsoft for about $400 million in late 1997 and integrated with other service- Jump- a web based calendar service.

It was then newly launched as MSN mail and later renamed as Windows Live Hotmail. The latest Hotmail version was released in 2011. According to 2011 statistics, Hotmail had acquired about 360 million users and was available in 36 languages. The year 2013, saw Hotmail being replaced by, a sad but necessary change. Reverting back to the old Hotmail is Read More…

Outlook Benefits vs Hotmail

The new news in town? Say goodbye to Hotmail and welcome Outlook with open arms! And why not? With features as one gets in Outlook, hauling out Hotmail and making Outlook the successor of Hotmail, is news eagerly awaited by all. The smart service that is offered by Outlook surpasses the old and complicated style of Hotmail making it old and primitive. It is time to stash out all the junk that you have had in your old Hotmail account with the help of outlook tools and what more is you can yet retain that old Hotmail account, but yet using the faster and easier Outlook services which provide users the easy option to sign in using the outlook sign in hence on successfully bypassing the outlook login with your outlook significantly in id and password you get direct and total control over your outlook account.

outlook vs hotmail


That\’s the reason the smart Outlook is wiping out the old Hotmail and Microsoft has taken the right decision in doing so! Hotmail was launched long back in 1996 when the techno savvy era had just begun to lash its tentacles around the globe with multiple options for the rapid development of economies through technology. But it was surpassed by Gmail which became had the largest number of users then, because it provided user friendly services like labels, filters, separate folders for spam and important mails, and customization was even easier.

When Hotmail started to sink in, as Titanic did in the Atlantic, as Carpathia the savior, Microsoft launched Outlook, only Outlook is turning out to be more successful than Carpathia! With cleaner looks, better security options that Read More…

How to associate the cell phone in mail outlook

Outlook email has become even easier to use with the variety of cell phones and the various models. It perfectly fits with the busy lifestyle of the professional people. After all, you cannot carry your system everywhere. It is just then when you have your mini system tucked in your pocket, yes your cell phone. And that is when Outlook decided to modify itself and with the all more new features mail outlook, it just works perfectly with your mini system. You can send text messages along with multimedia messages which are very similar to how it’s done generally on your email messaging services.

associate cellphone in outlook


Communication can take a toll when you use both your email and cell phone separately. But it is more advantageous when you can manage contacts, correspondence and appointments and day to day schedule by using just one method of the medium- yes, Outlook email on your cell phone and outlook sign in is even easier! Now comes the Outlook Mobile Service that is even easier to use and is completely in sync with the outlook email you use on your computers or laptops. You can send and receive texts and then view the message in either the Sent Items folder or Inbox, making it as simple as an email.

The messages which are received on the mobile would be sent to your Inbox just like any ordinary electronic mail based message. The outlook also allows for its users to save the mobile messages under the drafts folder so that they can be made use of in the future to come. And sending messages can be done to a various number of contacts, sending both an email message and a Read More…